Wednesday, December 1, 2010


This is what Chloe has been doing lately:

She was so engrossed with the birthstones that she's been memorizing them and decided to make her own interpretation. She asked me to use my laptop so she could go to paint program and draw these precious stones based on her imagination, and that includes the colors, too.

So, what do you think? ;-)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Human Christmas Tree

Last November 19, 2010, Chloe's school required them to dress up as a Human Christmas Tree out of non-biodegradable items. We thought that the school wanted them to come up something creative and not to spend on their costume. I had a hard time thinking of what to do with my daughter until finally I decided to have her hair looked like this (where I can put the plastic caps that served as Christmas balls):

For her costume, my daughter protested because she said that a Christmas tree is colored Green not White! But since I cannot find anything green around the house, unless I have it sewn, I settled for something white. I told Chloe that we used to have a white Christmas tree before so she agreed. I put on some discs, some plastic Christmas balls and few poinsettia flowers and made a star out of straw. Well, I was trying to be creative but when we arrived at their school, whoa! A lot of parents went out of their way to really look for a seamstress and have all the plastic materials sewn together so that they would look like a real Christmas Tree! I guess they were after for the prize, huh. Some don't looked like a Human Christmas tree anymore but a beautiful flower, others looked like they were going to dance salsa, hehe. What we only wanted for our daughter is compliance to the school's requirement and enjoy the experience.

Waiting for her turn to be called on the stage

However, when the kids were paraded at the covered court to show off their costume, Chloe was sweating all over and can no longer stand the heat. We were too glad not to be included in the top 15 because we can go home and Chloe can change. When we arrived home, she ran straight right away to the bathroom to take a bath :-)

Monday, November 15, 2010

She Almost Made It...

Chloe was one of the contestants for Math Quiz Bee today. I went to school to watch and give support to her. They were told that there will be 3 rounds: Easy, Average and Difficult. There were supposed to be 50 contestants but some were absent so the contest went on without them. My daughter perfected her score at the Easy and Average round. Some who got more than 2 mistakes were not allowed for the next level. For the Difficult level, there were less than 10 of them left, however, Chloe got 2 mistakes. She knew she was mistaken with her answer but since they were not allowed to erased it, so she went on with that solution. Well, Chloe almost did it but since they wanted to trim down the contestants to 3 only, so Chloe did not qualify anymore on the "clincher" round. But still, I was proud of her because she really did her best. It was her first exposure to a quiz bee contest, too. I told her beforehand to just enjoy the contest and don't be sad if she won't make it and that's what she did. She was, instead, looking forward for the next quiz bee..that's the spirit Chloe. Besides, there's still plenty of next time ;-)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Sister Zoe =)

Today, my baby sister Zoe turns 3 months old. She's a happy baby just like me - that's what my mom said to me. Zoe is sooo cute! Her cheeks are fat, her eyes are a little bit chinky, her legs are quite fat also but she's a beautiful baby!
I thank God for giving me a sister! I love her and I'll be happy share my toys and things with her. She can even wear my costumes, my gowns and some shoes because it won't fit me anymore! When it's time for her to go to school, I will teach her with her lessons if she thinks it's difficult. I will be her protector, a friend and her proud Ate Chloe!! I love to play with her also cause she's so nice!

It feels great to be a Big Sister!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chloe the Artist: Bambi

Chloe, my 7-year-old daughter, loves the story about Bambi. She's also fond of his friends like Thumper, Flower, Faline and Friend Owl. I bet most of you have watched the story of this Prince of the Forest and how he was able to save the lives of his friends from fire. Bambi, one of Disney's classic stories, is mostly the child's all-time favorite show.

Chloe received a Bambi book as a gift on her previous birthday and how elated she was! From time to time she read the book and also tried to make sketches on the characters. Last week, Chloe was in the mood for sketching (and coloring) Bambi out from her imagination and this is how she depicted it (see below):

BAMBI with a butterfly on his nose!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Love School!

I think my mom posted in her blog what I looked like in my school uniform in my new school. I am currently in Grade One at St. Mary's School. My school time starts at 8:40 am and ends at 11:40 am. Our school started last June 16, 2010 and now I slowly gained new friends. I love school and favorite subjects are Math, Civics, English, Science and Computer.

And every Friday, we have our P.E. class and this is what I looked like:

I'm Just Being Me!

I am quite busy with my studies these days. I'm trying to be independent, too, now that I am a big sister. I'm glad that my mom has still time for me even though I saw her so tired and lack of sleep after taking care of my baby sister. Sometimes, I am being naughty to her that I am being scolded but it's my fault anyway. I know she loves me very much and I think she wants me to grow up to be a good girl. Sometimes, I understand that my mom's cranky already because apart from being busy at home, I love to make a mess :D I'm trying to be a good girl and a good Ate, you see. It's just that I am still a little girl and for all she knows, I am just being creative that's why I love to cut, draw, get pieces of paper to color and paint and who knows, I might be an artist someday :D:D

I'll show you some of my drawings or creations in one of my posts ;-)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Meet My Baby Sister

Announcing to you the birth of my baby sister, Zoe Ysabella. She was born on July 12, 2010. I'm now a certified and proud Ate to my baby sibling. And I'm proud to say I am the one who gave her her second name, Ysabella. Zoe's name was chosen by daddy and mommy because it means Life. And I just found out that one of their favorite characters in Percy Jackson book is Zoƫ the huntress. Below are the pictures of my sister:

Me and Baby Zoe

See the difference below, don't you think we look alike when we were babies?

Zoe Ysabella right after she was born

Me, Chloe, at 1 day old =)

Please visit my mom's site @ Cookie's Corner and @ Chat Time with Mommy Cookie for similar stories :-D

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Monday, July 5, 2010

$300 Worth Brand New COACH Satchel Bag Contest

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kikay Girl

Me - striking my signature pose

Before our school started, I was having a blast at one of CDO's resorts, Apple Tree Hotel and Beach Resort. I had fun swimming with my cousins, my dad, grandfather, aunt and ate.. Let the pics speak for itself...

I just love this decorative flower!

With my grandpa

With my sleepy dad =)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Mommy Moments: Motherhood

mommy moments

It's been quite a while since my last entry at Mommy Moments. Glad to be back here again. To some of you who don't know yet, I'm on my 7 1/2 months of pregnancy. My first born Chloe will turn 7 this coming July and I'll be giving birth to my second child on the same month, too. Motherhood is a wonderful feeling. I may not be a perfect mom but I tried my best to instill good values and proper decorum to my little girl. At times I am strict, at times I am not. But God knows how much I love my child, I just don't want her to turn into a spoiled brat and with no respect to parents. I may sound like I want to teach my child how to behave and do the right thing but in some ways, my child has taught me a lot, too. I've learned how to deal with her temper or tantrums.

Chloe & Me

My child taught me a lot of things that I didn't see before. I've learned to widened my horizon, to love unconditionally, to be sensitive of her needs and a lot more. With my child (or children) around, I don't have a place to feel lonely anymore. They are my treasure and they are God's blessings to me. I just pray that when my kids grow up, they will recall more on my good deeds and not on my negative side. I pray that they will grow up to be God-fearing, respectful and know how much I love them.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chloe's Announcement

Hello! I'm here again. If you're not aware of what's going on, well, I'm going to be a big sister soon! My mom will give birth on July. I don't know the date yet, maybe it might fall on July 18 --- my 7th birthday! But I will just leave that to my mom, my angel or whatevah. As long as my mom and baby sibling are healthy and safe then I will be very happy about it.

I guess this is it for now. I'll blog again soon!

This is me saying....


Monday, March 22, 2010

Graduation Update: Thanksgiving Mass

Hello guys! Just to update you all that I already graduated from K2 last March 18, 2010. I was kinda busy with our graduation rehearsals at school thus the delay in posting entries here. My mom was also busy with me. You can take a peek on my video clip below. It was taken during our Thanksgiving mass where we sang 'Ama Namin' (Our Father). Hope you'll like it. Oh, I'm that girl on the extreme right ;-)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day with Chloe

This is Chloe's mom and sorry again for not updating as often as I can coz I've been busy lately. Actually, I've got loads to attend to that it gets in the way in updating my 2 blogs. I have pending posts but I guess I'm going to post this first: Chloe's Valentine's Day

Chloe saw this sign & asked her dad to pose with her...

...then, her dad treat us lunch & Chloe happily ate this dessert

I hope everyone had a great Valentine Celebration with family and loved ones!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chloe the Artist: Animals

Hello again guys! Sorry for not updating... I browsed on my folder and saw some sketches Chloe made last year. She loved Ice Age the movie and Bambi so as usual, she took her Megasketcher and draw the animals on her own version. Actually, I can't believe she what she did for I never knew how to draw an animal. Shown below were her work of art :D

Bambi's dad and little Bambi on the side...
On the clouds was his dead mother (with a halo)

Ice Age 3: The Dawn of the Dinosaurs.
The mammoth was looking at the trees

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chloe The Baker

Hello Everyone! It's been weeks that my mom wasn't able to post any entry here in my blog. Pardon my mom as she's very busy packing lots of our things - not to mention my tons of toys, hehehe... Definitely by next week we're settled at our new place. We're at my grandma's house right now so thankfully, my mom's able to do blogging here.

Sharing to you my pics taken months ago. I helped my aunt baked pancake and it sure was fun! Don't I look great as Chloe the Baker? ;-). PS: Big thanks to my Tita Bogie for making me a beautiful apron. Hugs!!! >0<

Step 1: Put on the amount of Baking Powder to use

Step 2: Strain the Baking Powder & mix it with other ingredients

Step 3: Relax. Play the piano while you bake :-p

Step 4: Appreciate your finish product ;-)

Step 5: Taste it and share to others

Friday, November 20, 2009

Mommy Moment: Yummy!

mommy moments

Here's some pictures of Chloe munching her favorite dish. Although she's a bit choosy when it comes to vegetables, otherwise, she's not much of a picky eater. She loves soup, chicken, crispy lechon, fish (as long as her mommy will remove the bone) and pizza. Another favorite of hers is French Fries from potato corner :D

Chloe was so hungry after their Recognition Program

"I'm ready to eat!!"

Sweet tooth? "Nah! Just taking some bite and gave the rest to mom" ;-)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sharing to you Chloe's Halloween fun day at school and at McDonald's. Enjoy viewing!

Lifetime School: October 27, 2009
Chloe Alexandra as Tinker Bell

McDonald's: October 31, 2009
Chloe Alexandra as Vampire Queen

Friday, October 30, 2009

Mommy Moments: Precious Gift

mommy moments

I love being a mommy. I thank God for giving me such a wonderful and beautiful gift - my daughter. My daughter is already 6 six years old and doesn't seem to slow down to grow each day. She's already in Kinder 2 and I'm proud to say that she's doing well at school. And although she had her share of tantrums at times, overall, she's a good and sweet little girl. These are the things that are precious to me. And how I love her hug, her smile and she's everything to me and to her dad...

Showing to us her precious smile; A consistent Academic Awardee

And she drew her Valentine Letter for Mommy & Daddy & made a name tag for me!

We love you so much, Chloe! You're mommy and daddy's precious gift... We couldn't ask for more!