Saturday, November 20, 2010

Human Christmas Tree

Last November 19, 2010, Chloe's school required them to dress up as a Human Christmas Tree out of non-biodegradable items. We thought that the school wanted them to come up something creative and not to spend on their costume. I had a hard time thinking of what to do with my daughter until finally I decided to have her hair looked like this (where I can put the plastic caps that served as Christmas balls):

For her costume, my daughter protested because she said that a Christmas tree is colored Green not White! But since I cannot find anything green around the house, unless I have it sewn, I settled for something white. I told Chloe that we used to have a white Christmas tree before so she agreed. I put on some discs, some plastic Christmas balls and few poinsettia flowers and made a star out of straw. Well, I was trying to be creative but when we arrived at their school, whoa! A lot of parents went out of their way to really look for a seamstress and have all the plastic materials sewn together so that they would look like a real Christmas Tree! I guess they were after for the prize, huh. Some don't looked like a Human Christmas tree anymore but a beautiful flower, others looked like they were going to dance salsa, hehe. What we only wanted for our daughter is compliance to the school's requirement and enjoy the experience.

Waiting for her turn to be called on the stage

However, when the kids were paraded at the covered court to show off their costume, Chloe was sweating all over and can no longer stand the heat. We were too glad not to be included in the top 15 because we can go home and Chloe can change. When we arrived home, she ran straight right away to the bathroom to take a bath :-)

Monday, November 15, 2010

She Almost Made It...

Chloe was one of the contestants for Math Quiz Bee today. I went to school to watch and give support to her. They were told that there will be 3 rounds: Easy, Average and Difficult. There were supposed to be 50 contestants but some were absent so the contest went on without them. My daughter perfected her score at the Easy and Average round. Some who got more than 2 mistakes were not allowed for the next level. For the Difficult level, there were less than 10 of them left, however, Chloe got 2 mistakes. She knew she was mistaken with her answer but since they were not allowed to erased it, so she went on with that solution. Well, Chloe almost did it but since they wanted to trim down the contestants to 3 only, so Chloe did not qualify anymore on the "clincher" round. But still, I was proud of her because she really did her best. It was her first exposure to a quiz bee contest, too. I told her beforehand to just enjoy the contest and don't be sad if she won't make it and that's what she did. She was, instead, looking forward for the next quiz bee..that's the spirit Chloe. Besides, there's still plenty of next time ;-)