Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My 6th Birthday

Hello! Just wanna share with you some of the pictures taken on my 6th Birthday. I enjoyed the party and I really had fun. My relatives, my teachers and few classmates attended my party. I donned the Tinker Bell costume and other kids came with their fantastic outfits, too.

I had Hello Kitty as my mascot (she's 1 of my favorite characters). I danced Hannah Montana's Hoedown Throwdown with my classmates and cousins, recited a poem (All Thing's Bright and Beautiful) and sang Connie Talbot's Somewhere over the Rainbow and Miley Cyrus' The Climb and played lots of games! :D

I was really happy on my birthday & totally had a blast! hehe.. 6 years old is sure lotsa fun!

Chloe Alexandra as Tinkerbell

Our princess is now 6 years old! (mom & dad); Tinker Bell Cake

With Teacher Marissa; With Teacher Karen

Teves and Orteza Family


My Friends

Blowing of Candle

Everybody said Thank you, Chloe, when I gave them Lootbags. And I replied: "Thank you, of course!"

Danced Hoedown Throwdown

Recited a poem; Sang Somewhere over the rainbow


    Friday, July 10, 2009

    Pouting Face

    mommy moments

    Chloe rarely pouts in the picture - and even in person. But there are some instances that you could really catch her not in here usual self. It's either she's sleepy or not just in the mood :D

    1-month old Chloe, trying to open her chinky eyes; Sleepy Chloe on her 3rd birthday

    Junior Bride was not in the mood during her Tito Ken's wedding

    Watcha lookin' at?

    Even a kiss from Mommy did not help to keep her relax during her long travel from Ozamiz

    Friday, July 3, 2009

    Let's Do the Hula!

    My mom's place is Chloe's favorite hang-out, especially when her Tita Bogie (my SIL) is around. She sees her as her playmate (I guess), a teacher, a chef/baker and at the same time, her other mommy. Recently, she asked her Tita (aunt) to make her a grass skirt because she wanna do the hula. Pampered as always, her Tita creatively made one for her out of straw, hehe...

    Posing before the camera...

    Doing the Hula dance like Timmon of Lion King (of all things!)

    Encounter with Pets

    mommy moments

    Chloe's first Pony Ride

    This is my very first entry of mommy moments. I want to join this before but I'm not too sure of what to do, hehe. Thanking Chris of Mommy Journey for inviting me to go to her site and join. I hope I was able to do this the right way :D

    Petting the horse before taking a ride...

    I think she was trying to touch the duck (or goose, hehe)

    Happily holding the Bunny