Monday, April 20, 2009

Flower Girl

Chloe attended her Tita Maan's wedding last Saturday, April 18, 2009. She was one of the flower girls and how she loved it! Wearing gowns or princess gown or attending costume party is always her favorite. Below are her pictures and you can see how she really enjoyed being a flower girl :)

Smiling for the camera; Dropping petals on the aisle

With Dad & Mom at the Church

Trying to pose like a lady

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Awards

My mommy Cookie and I would like to thank Tita Amy for thinking of us always. She never fails to include us in her tags. We thank you for your patience because we (actually, it's mostly my mom) forgot to post it on time but well, better late than never. Ok, it's like this, my mom sleeps very early these days especially on weekdays and she's always tired - but she do read your blogs out there, you know. She just don't have much time to blog even on weekends, well, just to let you know...


Anyway, we love the Kawaii Blog award. Kawaii (pronounced as kawa-yeeh) is a Japanese word, that we always hear at anime shows, that means cute. Thank you, Tita Ams, for this very cute award, too, just like you and me, hehe.
Best Blogger Award

Thank you for considering my blog as one of the Best Bloggers. I felt so honored. You deserve this award, too, Tita Ams, because it's very informative and entertaining.
Passing these awards to all my Titas and all listed in my bloglist. Go grab it!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chloe the Artist 4

I guess I have not posted some of Chloe's sketches lately. She drew a lot of things/objects everyday. But since she's using her Magic board, it's very easy for her to erase it. Sometimes, I was too late to take a picture of her sketches. I sometimes prefer that she use the paper to draw so that I can scan her drawings later but she really preferred her Megasketcher... oh, well.

These were the things that Chloe saw when she was hospitalized. There was a plaster, cotton balls, tube for the dextrose, needle, small needle to prick her finger, there's a big syringe/needle and a tourniquet.

She loves to watch Disney's Magic English. One episode talked about Time/Clock.

She loves to watch Dora, too. Guess this episode talked about Music or the Piano

Sorry, this is quite dark to see. Well, obviously this is a horse that's galloping. Whew, I, myself really don't know how to draw a horse~

This is her own version of Bathroom. This amazed me...this would have been perfect except that the shower was too small/low, hehe.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Hair ala Suri Cruise ;)

After Chloe was discharged from the hospital last week, I decided to have her hair trimmed. She did not agree at first because she doesn't like to have a short hair. I explained to her that it's summer and that she needs a hair cut because it's very long already and it gets messy most of the time. And besides, it will grow again. She has inherited my very thick hair, too, you know. I also told her that she will have the same hair like her favorite Cartoon character, Dora (hehehe). She agreed - reluctantly.

So, I brought her to a beauty parlor and had her hair trimmed. But when she saw that her hair has slowly been cut shorter, she avoided to look at the mirror. After it was finished, she said she was not beautiful anymore because her hair was already short. She said only girls with long hair were beautiful. But I told her whether her hair is long or short, she will always be beautiful. I was a little sad of her reaction but well, as I've said, it will grow again.

I tried to cheer her up again with her hair. I told her that she didn't look like Dora at all but she looks like Suri Cruise. Well, she knew about this famous little celebrity (I have a magazine where Suri's been featured) and Chloe gave me a big smile after that. She said Suri is beautiful - and that Suri is her friend, haha. So, I just went on with her conversation, agreeing with her and after that, she gave me her beautiful and sweetest smile.