Saturday, March 21, 2009

Congratulations, Chloe Alexandra!

Last Thursday, March 19, 2009, I attended Chloe's Recognition Day. I was glad I was given a day off at the hospital and they granted my request to fall it on my daughter's most memorable event. My husband, who was sick, forced himself to show up because he missed Chloe's presentation last December due to sprained ankle.

Proud Daddy & Proud Mommy

Anyway, we are very happy that Chloe received Academic Excellence again. We are so proud of your achievements, sweetheart! How time flies so fast! I can't believe you will be in K2 level this coming June.

Sweet moments with Teacher Karen and Mommy Cookie

Below are some pictures for you to see. There's a video for you to view, too. She sang a song titled A Parent's Prayer (originally titled, A Mother's Prayer by Celine Dion - you can listen this song by clicking the imeem music at the left side corner on this blog).

A Parent's Prayer
(sorry for the very noisy background ;p)
-this was taken by a low tech digicam. video cam result
is still to be converted... but I can't wait already-

More pictures (Collage) below:

With Pretty Teachers

With Family

Awarding, Singing, Dancing with Classmates

    Monday, March 16, 2009

    How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You!

    Be posting here some pictures of Chloe (with her mom & dad) having fun in her own way ;)

    Chloe loves to smile at the camera

    Showing off our sweetest smiles to Daddy ;)

    Chloe strikes a pose with her daddy

    Acting out - Chloe the vampire bit her mommy

    Chloe is really this sweet and loving.

    And before she go to sleep at night, she never forget to say 'I love you, Mommy and I love you, Daddy'. And we will always love you, Sweetheart. We really thanked God for you!

    Friday, March 13, 2009

    Perpetual Smiling Blogger

    Thank you Tita Amy for including me in your Perpetual Smiling Award. My mom had a hard time looking for answers but had fun at the same time.

    Award Rules :

    Copy the questions below. Simply use the first letter of your name/nickname as your answer for each questions. You can’t use any answer twice and don’t use your own name for questions # 3 & 4. After you’re done, tag 10 people.

    The Questions:

    1. What is your name? Chloe
    2. A four letter word: Cute
    3. A boy’s name: Clyde
    4. A girl’s name: Charlize
    5. An occupation: Child
    6. A color: Cyan
    7. Something you wear: Clothes
    8. A type of food: Cake
    9. Something found in the bathroom: Ceiling
    10. A place: Cagayan de Oro
    11. A reason for being late: Clingy to mommy :D
    12. Something you shout: Ciao!
    13. A movie title: Chicago
    14. Something you drink: Coke
    15. A musical group: Cranberries
    16. A street name: Corrales Avenue
    17. A type of car: Chevrolet
    18. A song title: Come On Over
    19. A verb: Can

    Passing this award to my ever Perpetual Smiling Titas: Tita Anna, Tita Karen, Tita Luv, Tita Dharlz

    Thursday, March 5, 2009

    Happy Mermaid

    I mentioned at Cookie's Corner that my daughter, Chloe, was featured at Disney's Princess magazine for March-April 2009 issue. I'm reposting in here her original picture for you to see :)

    I actually sent them 3 pictures. The other 2, I think Chloe was wearing her Belle and Fairy costumes which I featured in here months ago. But they decided to post her mermaid picture.

    (By the way, Julie, the one who took Chloe's pictures is a friend of my mine and is now a photographer in Manila. She made Chloe her 1st kiddie model last year when she was still new in photography).

    Anyways, it's best if you can buy this magazine, too! Your kids (especially the girls) will surely love it and so are you, mommies!

    Chloe as a Happy Mermaid

    Cover page