Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Mermaid

I mentioned at Cookie's Corner that my daughter, Chloe, was featured at Disney's Princess magazine for March-April 2009 issue. I'm reposting in here her original picture for you to see :)

I actually sent them 3 pictures. The other 2, I think Chloe was wearing her Belle and Fairy costumes which I featured in here months ago. But they decided to post her mermaid picture.

(By the way, Julie, the one who took Chloe's pictures is a friend of my mine and is now a photographer in Manila. She made Chloe her 1st kiddie model last year when she was still new in photography).

Anyways, it's best if you can buy this magazine, too! Your kids (especially the girls) will surely love it and so are you, mommies!

Chloe as a Happy Mermaid

Cover page


amiable amy said...

very expensive and famous photographer pa jud ha....well, her work is really super man pud, deserving...d jud ko ka afford iyaha doh...hahhaa

congrats diay ha

Mummy Gwen said...

All the photos are soooo pretty. She is a natural in front of the camera. :) It's fun to have little girls huh..hehe.

Umma said...

Waahhh.. jelling jelling na sad ang beauty ko Cooks.. super kikay man jud ni Chloe.. galing magpose ha.. puede maging commercial beauty ng anak mo.

Lami man jud naa kay girl oi! Kanus-a kaha ko magkaroon ng baby girl?

She looks so natural in her pose.. Talented masyado si Chloe hahaha.. kapital mo na sia Cooks hahaha

Mom of Four said...

Galing naman ni Chloe ah. parang artista..Si mommy sobrang excited, hehehe..

dhemz said...

wow talented na talented talaga si and brain....hehhee....great job baby!

Cookie said...

Thanks for your comments. Ams, julie is my barkada in nursing. Our photographer sa wedding is Agfa ;)

Mummygwen, yeah, it's really fun to have little girls :D Your gwen loves camera, too, right? hehe

Umma, bilis, overtime na aron mgka baby girl napud :D

Mom of four - your kids are like pro in front of the camera din ha. But thanks for the comment ha ;)

Dhemz, salamat ha. Your Akesha is very adorable pd ;)

Kristie said...

cogratulations! chloe looks like such a professional model, very sweet look :)

Anzu's Mum said...

Hi.. first timer here =) you have a pretty daughter & a model in the future.. bagay name nya as princess belle =)

can add this on my baby links, or linkexchange? i have baby blog too...

see you again