Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Awards

My mommy Cookie and I would like to thank Tita Amy for thinking of us always. She never fails to include us in her tags. We thank you for your patience because we (actually, it's mostly my mom) forgot to post it on time but well, better late than never. Ok, it's like this, my mom sleeps very early these days especially on weekdays and she's always tired - but she do read your blogs out there, you know. She just don't have much time to blog even on weekends, well, just to let you know...


Anyway, we love the Kawaii Blog award. Kawaii (pronounced as kawa-yeeh) is a Japanese word, that we always hear at anime shows, that means cute. Thank you, Tita Ams, for this very cute award, too, just like you and me, hehe.
Best Blogger Award

Thank you for considering my blog as one of the Best Bloggers. I felt so honored. You deserve this award, too, Tita Ams, because it's very informative and entertaining.
Passing these awards to all my Titas and all listed in my bloglist. Go grab it!


amiable amy said...

thank you baby girl for posting these tags...i know your mommy is very busy, hayy, that is what mommy do,work to provide you milk and clothings hehehe

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