Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My 6th Birthday

Hello! Just wanna share with you some of the pictures taken on my 6th Birthday. I enjoyed the party and I really had fun. My relatives, my teachers and few classmates attended my party. I donned the Tinker Bell costume and other kids came with their fantastic outfits, too.

I had Hello Kitty as my mascot (she's 1 of my favorite characters). I danced Hannah Montana's Hoedown Throwdown with my classmates and cousins, recited a poem (All Thing's Bright and Beautiful) and sang Connie Talbot's Somewhere over the Rainbow and Miley Cyrus' The Climb and played lots of games! :D

I was really happy on my birthday & totally had a blast! hehe.. 6 years old is sure lotsa fun!

Chloe Alexandra as Tinkerbell

Our princess is now 6 years old! (mom & dad); Tinker Bell Cake

With Teacher Marissa; With Teacher Karen

Teves and Orteza Family


My Friends

Blowing of Candle

Everybody said Thank you, Chloe, when I gave them Lootbags. And I replied: "Thank you, of course!"

Danced Hoedown Throwdown

Recited a poem; Sang Somewhere over the rainbow



    T. Karen said...

    Chloe darling, thank you for inviting us to your birthday. We had fun and I especially loved hearing you sing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". Your songs always make me teary eyed (tears of amazement and awe)! I love you, Chloe Darling!

    Bogie said...

    It was indeed fun!

    dias spot said...

    wowweee....bonggacious man kaau ang bday bash ni Chloe diay Mami Cooks....dire tawon no mag hire ug mascot nga maka bankrupt....hehehe...labi na pag mag party like this...super man kaau ka mahal dire jud...:)

    Thanks for sharing the pics....:)

    YL said...

    Wow.. I never realized it was Chloe's
    big day already. She seems to be growing so fast Mommy Cooks..next thing you'll know, she will be celebrating her debut hahaha..

    Pretty pictures of cute and talented Chloe..may dalaga ka na Mommy Cooks..

    nuts said...

    a pretty little princess! can i hug you baby.. mwaaah.. belated happy birthday!

    kittykat said...

    waaahhh..all my faves are in your party Chloe..naka green ka and don si Hello Kitty..hahaha..feeling ko tuloy b-day party ko rin...anyways..hope you had a grand time during your party..congrats to mommy Cookie for the success..

    Mummy Gwen said...

    Happy Birthday Chloe!!! Wow..her birthday party is awesome. Mommy did a great job in planning the party. Chloe looks so pretty in her Tinkerbell costume. :) Nice pics.

    Cecile said...

    belated happy bday, Chloe :-); you sure did have a blast!

    Fe said...

    belated happy birthday pretty Chloe

    amiable amy said...

    Hello Chloe girl, happy birthday again! I can see that you are having a good time indeed! Thanks for sharing the pictures pretty Tinker Belle.

    kikamz said...

    wow, i am soo late to greet u chloe. but anyway, happy 6th birthday! from the photos, i could really tell that u had a blast. and u r one talented girl! thanks for sharing ur photos. hugs!

    suhar40 said...

    pretty Chloe, belated happy birthday :)

    Cathy said...

    Everything looked absolutely amazing for her birthday party. That was an awesome party you have.. The kids seemed really enjoyed the party.. Good job Mommy!

    Happy Birthday Chloe!