Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chloe The Baker

Hello Everyone! It's been weeks that my mom wasn't able to post any entry here in my blog. Pardon my mom as she's very busy packing lots of our things - not to mention my tons of toys, hehehe... Definitely by next week we're settled at our new place. We're at my grandma's house right now so thankfully, my mom's able to do blogging here.

Sharing to you my pics taken months ago. I helped my aunt baked pancake and it sure was fun! Don't I look great as Chloe the Baker? ;-). PS: Big thanks to my Tita Bogie for making me a beautiful apron. Hugs!!! >0<

Step 1: Put on the amount of Baking Powder to use

Step 2: Strain the Baking Powder & mix it with other ingredients

Step 3: Relax. Play the piano while you bake :-p

Step 4: Appreciate your finish product ;-)

Step 5: Taste it and share to others