Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Fun Day

Chloe and her schoolmates had their fun day activity at school last Thursday, and the children were asked to dress up in Halloween costumes. She usually loves to wear princess or fairy costumes, but for a change, she dressed up as a Vampire. You can see her pictures below…

At first, Chloe wanted to wear the ghost costume

With Mina, her mentor(in disguise); Queen of Vampires strikes a pose

With the pumpkin girl. Chloe's best friend at school

With the rest of the kids...

With her dance to the tune of 'Dancing Queen'

The kids really had fun. Aside from games and prizes, Pizza Hut also facilitated a pizza–making activity. The kids were the ones to make their own pizza. It was fun watching them as they put in the sauce, cheese and bacon on their pizzas. After baking, the finished product was given for them to eat.

Chloe in action

The finished product. Thanks, Pizza Hut ----- for the burnt pizza!

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