Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Julie the Photographer

One of my wakwak friends & good friend, Julie, came over to my place. Even though she's already a Nurse (like me), Julie ventured into a new hobby - Photography. She brought with her her Canon camera, which I'm not good at describing. All I know is that the Paparazzis are using that kind of camera :). Julie wanted my daughter, Chloe, to 'model' for her. The shots were taken in our home, hoping that next time, we could find a better outdoor venue. She may be a neophyte in Photography right now but I believe she could be successful in her newfound career. Her eagerness, creativity and passion for photography would make her achieve her greatest endeavor in life.
You can view some of her snapshots at Julie's Kalingawan. And should you want her to cover for your pictorials (weddings, baptisms, birthdays and other special events), she would readily render her services, so long as she's available (just make an appointment). I could also contact her for you or you can leave a message at her site.

Anyway, I've here some shots of Chloe taken by Julie - the Photographer.

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