Monday, May 25, 2009

My Summer Getaway

Hello, sharing to you some of my pictures taken at Xavier Estates last May 16-17. I'm sharing with you some tips, too, on how to give your best shot at the camera ;)

Happy Chloe's different poses :D

This is how you strike a pose.. turn around, twist your body a little, position your hand and smile at the camera

New found friend

taking a dip


with Daddy

playing with daddy and angela

With Daddy..time to go home

    hope you enjoyed looking at my pictures ;)


    Cecile said...

    I love Chloe's swim suit, it is so cute and looks good on here....she is so pretty!

    Mummy Gwen said...

    Aww...she is soooo good in posing for the camera. Cookie ganda, she is your future little model. You should get her an agent..hehe

    Mommy Phebie said...

    Cokz...the future Miss Cagayan jud ni si Chloe...

    Perti man kaau mo pose...mura man jud ug korek! hehhehhe

    Dhemz said...

    hahhaha...grabi nga todlo sa inahan woi...gwafa man kaayo maka posing...hehehe!

    Maria said...

    Ang ganda ni chloe here mommy cooks. I lvoe the swim suit. Parang model ang dating. hehehe!

    Thanks for leaving comments in my video. lol! I am glad that you like it. Puwede na ba pang Idol? hehehe

    Umma said...

    Grabe man diay maka pose ni Chloe Cooks..demure na demure man jud hahaha.. lami lagi pag naay ka girl no?

    I like her swimsuit too.

    Anzu's Mum said...

    hi there lil princess.. i missed you.. You're getting prettier everyday.. Take care and take a lot of photos

    Chloe said...

    Thanks to all your comments mga Titas ;) I'll post more pics next time. Hugs from Chloe!

    amiable amy said...

    agoy, gimingaw na noon ko ani nga lugar dah ....pagkadako naman jud ni Chloe oyy, thanks for sharing pretty girl

    日月神教-任我行 said...