Monday, May 18, 2009

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

After watching Connie Talbot's rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow at Youtube, Chloe was a certified fan of hers. Connie, who was 6 and toothless at time she joined Britain's Got Talent, wowed the audience and the judges with her very beautiful voice. My little girl was very amazed, too, that she tried to imitate Connie and even trying to sing the song using the Karaoke. Chloe also tried to look for the correct notes in our keyboard to think I just enrolled her to a piano lesson a week before she saw Connie's video.

Can't get enough of her, Chloe made her own interpretation of Somewhere Over The Rainbow by sketching and coloring it. But she was almost upset after realizing she mispelled the word 'somewhere' but her Tita Bogie told her it's ok. She tried to correct it but you can barely see it here. See her drawing below:


niko said...

aw ang galing nmn ni chloe girl.. galing mo magdraw!! gifted child!! pakiss nga..hmmmmwah

Samantha Ysabelle said...

very nice drawing ate chloe! ang galing mo talaga! u make ur mommy and daddy proud! hugs!

Maria said...

Wow! this is amazing drawing from chloe. I am proud of your little one.

Solaris loves to draw too. She finish all of our printing paper in the house. So, I hid some of them. LOL!

How's life? Miss you girl. I've been in active from blog hopping try to organized everything before going to the Phils.

Cecile said...

dropping by here to say, great job, Chloe, you are so smart and talented talaga! Hwew is a kiss from Tita Ces....muahhh!

Mummy Gwen said...

Nice drawing. Wow..Chloe drew the music notes too. She is very imaginative and creative too. :)