Friday, October 2, 2009

Mommy Moments: Music and Me

mommy moments

Chloe was singing The Climb

Playing the piano and sang a song during her 6th B-DAY

When Chloe was still a few months old, I could tell that she was musically-inclined. I used to hum or sang her a song and sometimes she tried to follow me. When she was almost 2 years old, she loved to sing even though her words were not clear yet.

Anyway, when she was in Nursery, her teacher requested her to sing during their school program. Everybody was happy and I was proud of her performance, too. She's now in K-2 and she's still requested by her teacher to sing a song during their school activity.

Then, she got interested in playing the piano so, I enrolled her to a piano class last summer and so far, she's been doing good. And now, I am thinking of enrolling her to a violin lesson --- very, very soon ;)


elapot said...

huwaw! such a talented kid. she might want to take some serious voice lessons mas mapipino pa ang boses nya and she'll soar! singer in the making. nice!

mine's up!

Lalaine said...

it's nice that she's already interested with playing the piano at such a young age..:)

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kikamz said...

galing galing talaga ni chloe! bilib ako sa kanya cooks. she has a beautiful voice. and wow! marunong pa mag piano and soon, mag violin! meron ka na orchestra nyan cooks! pde ka na magpa concert. whee!!

kiss chloe for me!

maritz said...

wow! cute kid. like baby like mommy.

john said...

hmmmm.. thank God for the gift of music.

Phebie said...

Super talented Chloe!

hi cokz...same as with my 3 yr old daughter..she is musically inclined too! she really loves to sing and dance..

mine is up:

God Bless!

sweet_shelo said...

I would love my daughter to learn to sing too.. That is a very good talent. Music makes a person very expressive..

chubskulit said...

Wow, great performer si chloe Mommy cooks.

For the love of Music, I posted some embarrassing ones in mine lol..

Meikah said...

Very few kids show real talent at her age. She has the potential, so yes better nurture it! :) I wish her all the best!

My MM entry is here.

Clarissa said...

She have lots of talent!!You're really a proud Mom!!Good luck to her piano lesson!!^_^

Greetings from Japan!!Nice meeting you here at Mommy Moments.I'm Clarissa^_^

Have a blissful weekend to you and your family!!

Chris said...

wow, talented :D where does she study?

anyway, she definitely has potential!

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow..she is multi-talented. I'm so impressed with her musical talent. Playing the violin soon..that's great.

Cecile said...

Chloe is very talented; she can sing and draw; very smart pa, no wonder proud si Mama at Papa :-)!

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nuts said...

just viewed Chloe's performance, singing "the climb" and she really can sing well..You must be very proud of her!! (applause)