Friday, October 9, 2009

Mommy Moments: Special Trips

mommy moments

Chloe's special trips were in Camiguin and Ozamiz. She's looking forward on her next destination which we are currently planning. Sharing to you the pics taken during her short but memorable vacation...


Enjoying the hammock

Lobbying around.... and - Enjoying the sunset

Striking a pose with mommy and daddy


Ozamiz Tower; With their oldest canyon


Willa said...

Just give me a good book and I can spend a day or so in that hammock!

Chris said...

interesting places to visit! i havent been there yet..

Lalaine said...

wow! it looks like Chloe really enjoyed her trips!

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chubskulit said...

Very nice getaway!

Our Special Trips

Clarissa said...

What a paradise!!I would like to go there for a more relaxing trip!!Thanks for sharing them to us!!^_^

Meikah said...

This month is the best time to go to Camiguin and eat lanzones!!! =P~

Oh, you make me miss Mindanao! :) Your trips are special!

My MM entry is here.

SASSY MOM said...

That hammock is sooo inviting. Looks like a good place to visit.

sweet_shelo said...

hi sis, your daughter found it special , the photos tell me so..

Ozamis is nice, of course taga don ako.. hehe

kikamz said...

naku, namiss ko ang camiguin sa mga laag days nako in that area cooks. my cousins are all praises for camiguin and it looks like chloe enjoyed her trip with you too!

i would love to lie in that hammock! it sure looks very relaxing!

darly said...

love to have an undisturbed day in the hammock too- complete with a good book, and all the works of a lazy day!!

Happy MM, mine is up too.

teJan said...

wow! nice places mommy, and you have a nice place here:) maybe we can exlink:)

Kero said...

I luurve your daughter's name!...and yes, Camiguin is always a good place for vacay. Thankies for the visit. till next MM!

Mummy Gwen said...

I remember you posted this before but these pics i have not seen before. That pic of Chloe chilling on the hammock makes me want to go for a holiday..haha. Chloe has long legs. :D

Cecile said...

what a nice place to visit; hope someday we can go there, too!.
thanks for sharing, Cook's :-)!