Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm Just Being Me!

I am quite busy with my studies these days. I'm trying to be independent, too, now that I am a big sister. I'm glad that my mom has still time for me even though I saw her so tired and lack of sleep after taking care of my baby sister. Sometimes, I am being naughty to her that I am being scolded but it's my fault anyway. I know she loves me very much and I think she wants me to grow up to be a good girl. Sometimes, I understand that my mom's cranky already because apart from being busy at home, I love to make a mess :D I'm trying to be a good girl and a good Ate, you see. It's just that I am still a little girl and for all she knows, I am just being creative that's why I love to cut, draw, get pieces of paper to color and paint and who knows, I might be an artist someday :D:D

I'll show you some of my drawings or creations in one of my posts ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Хахаха Я больше не ребенок мама сделки с ним (Данг я был таким наивным мужлан в мои дни ...)

Однажды я был семь лет, и мать сказала мне, чтобы некоторые друзья так что я не будет так одиноко XD XD XD