Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chloe's Art Work

Hello blogger friends, blogger mommies (and daddies, too!), blogger titas and titos... Sorry, wasn't able to update this blog because was a bit busy these days. But I give a little of my time to post a new entry today...

Chloe drew this when she was still 4 years old.
She even colored and put some silver dust on this dress :)
..ooops, sorry for the wrong was corrected, anyways..

And this is Chloe's interpretation of Sky.
She painted this using the Paint program in the computer.

Have a nice day!!!


kikamz said...

those were very beautiful drawings chloe! and you're a very smart girl to be correcting your spelling mistakes! keep it up!

Tita Kikamz

Umma said...

Chloe is indeed one talented girl.. you;re so lucky Cooks to have a girl like that..
Need to multiply na..

kittykat said...

Artist pala baby girl mo sis..galing naman ni Chloe..

amiable amy said...

you are such an artist pretty girl...keep doing it

D said...

Wow,those are some artistic drawings of your daughter Chloe, Cookie! Mahilig gyud siya ug mga princess kind of things ha. hehe Keep it up Chloe!