Saturday, January 24, 2009

Meet My Family

These pictures were taken last New Year's Eve at my Mama Bie's house (my maternal grandmother). We usually have our traditional picture taking but oh, it was so noisy that I kept covering my ears. I don't like fire crackers!!! Anyway, let me introduce you to my everdearest family circle.

L-R: Tita Bogie, Tito Pet, Mommy Cookie, Me (wearing angel costume),
Tito Ken (wearing pink shirt), Tita Anna (still preggy with my cousin Clark),
Daddy Glenn (standing at the back) and Mama Bie and 2 lucky cows ;)

I kept moving because it was still very noisy!!! It was so loud outside!

Good thing the TV was put ON that I got distracted from the noise outside!

Ok, you can see me clearly here... My ear was kinda hurt this time...
I DON'T LIKE firecrackers!!!


Umma said...

FInally, got to have a chance to peek your family Cooks.. hahaha little Chloe is so cute as she covered her ears with both hands..

You have a beautiful family Cooks..

Kristie said...

haha.. i guess many kids like u dont like firecrackers as well! :) u love peach & quiet ya :)

Maria said...

nice meeting your family. I still thinking how Christmas are celebrated in the Phils. I miss them

Mom of Four said...

Chloe, you have a wonderful family.. and you are pretty.. Your mom loves you so much and so proud of everything that you do.. She's an awesome mom..

dhemz said...

Hello mommy cooks...thanks for sharing your family pics...hmmm..just wondering siter kayo ni Bogie or SIL mo sya? just curious...hehhe..pila day mo ka igsoon mommy cooks 3?..ka cute ni chloe ...hahha..nanampong man jud!

niko said...

nice meeting ur family dear talented chloe!!! just like u i hate firecrackers too!! :) but we do love new years rigth???

take care always little girl! mwah mwah

amiable amy said...

So, Mama Bei is in the Philippines for good or she is here in the US now? When are you planning to live and migrate in the U.S?