Thursday, January 1, 2009

Chloe's Gifts :)

Santa's protege strikes a pose ;)

Crazy about planets, she got this gift from her Mama Bie (my mom) and she's loving it! It's an Orbiting Solar System that also includes a 15 minute audio CD that takes you on a fascinating tour of our solar system.

The box. Must be an old stock? Pluto is still included, lolz..

The smile that says it all!; This is how the mobile looks like when you look up w/ lights off

Another gift that she received was from her Mama Gie (my mother-in-law). It's Liana of Barbie and the Diamond Castle! Her voice is really lovely.
Her Tita Bogie & Tito Pet gave her Fairy Tale Treasury Books that she loves to read, Peach Towellette from her Tita Anna & Tito Ken, Disney Princess Kikay Set from her Mommy Cookie, Barbie Fashion Bracelet from her Ninang Mayette, Disney Princess Pencil Bag from her Tita Karen, Toy Cooking set from her Tita Mai2x, Pillow and Disney Fairies cup from Ninang Mimi and Santa Bear Stuff toy from Santa Claus (actually, it's from her Daddy, hehe ;)

Before the year ended, we gave her a pink Lucky Cow. She slept last night with the cow by her side..what a lucky cow indeed! hehehe..

Thank you very much for your beautiful gifts. I sure will take care of them;)


amiable amy said...

naa diay imo mom sa Pinas cookie pie? I saw those stuffs in NASA store nila....nice gifts

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow...Chloe received so many gifts. All the gifts are really nice. I like the pink Lucky's so cute. Chloe looks so pretty in the pics. She can really pose. :D

Umma said...

OMG!! inggit man sad me nimo Mommy Cooks.. unsaun man diay super kikay man jud ang anak mo oi.. huhuhu.. gusto ko na-a pud ko ug baby girl para kikay sad hahaha..

Super lucky ni Chloe.. daghan gifts na received kag lami-a pud. Waaahh.. super cute talaga ni Chloe.. pang commercial model jud mag pose :)

Cookie said...

Amy, yes, my mom is still here, hehe. attached kaau kang Chloe :D

Thank you mummygwen! Yeah, she really loves to project with the camera around :D

Umma, you can try again this year and give YL a younger sister, hehe. I bet she would be as beautiful and as fashionable as you :D

kittykat said...

wow ganda naman ng mga gifts ni chloe..when I was young I never had those kind of toys..pwede pahingi..hehehe..

niko said...

wow dami gifts ni cutey little girl!!! waaaaah. :)

you deserve it chloe coz u are very talented and nice girl.. kissses to u!!

take care.. mwah

Dhemz said...

kadaghan sa regalo ni Chloe...hehhehe....I love the solar syastem one...hehhe!

Kristie said...

wow so many pressies, lucky chloe!

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