Monday, November 3, 2008

Chloe's Planet

I'm gonna share in here the developmental milestone of my little lady. After all, I made this blog for her ;)

I’m happy to know that Chloe is doing well at school, that is, according to her teacher. Actually, I have no problem tutoring her, which is good I think because I only have very little patience, hehe. Her memory amazes me, she easily memorizes things even if she encounters them just once. Even before entering Nursery, she knew about and could easily identify the ABC’s . At the age of 4, she knew how to count the numbers up to 100 (now, she has reached up to 200+) and can also write them in figures. She was also fascinated with the planets and solar system and at 4 ½ years old, she could memorize the planets randomly and even describe which one is the red planet, the windy planet, the hot planet, etc. She also knew the names of the moons of Neptune, Jupiter (not all though, 'coz Jupiter has so many moons) and even Pluto (which by the way is no longer considered a Planet).

She loves her Encyclopedia the most and is so amazed with the animals, especially dinosaurs (she could tell which one is a Triceratops, a T-Rex or Apatosaurus) and also anything that lived during Ice Age Era. I don’t even know what an Armadillo looks like until she drew it. Before turning 5, she could read a lot of words and could even spell them correctly. Now that she’s 5, she has memorized the months from January to December and days from Monday to Sunday. She is also reading books that are not for pre-school anymore, and even attempted to read the subtitle in the anime series that I happened to watch. I’m just so proud of her. I’m glad she’s not like her mom who can’t seem to focus on what she’s reading, hehe.


Soul Anchor said...

Chloe is indeed an amazing girl!!! And I'm happy to see that you have blogged about her - to affirm her talent and giftedness. And to add more: I was explaining today that the three kings brought gifts to Jesus. Without being prompted, just following the cue, Chloe said: Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. Hagooooy! I was amazed with how easily she picks up "important data" and how she can apply it at the right time. T. Marissa was also very pleased when she sang O Holy Night during practice. Chloe doesn't just sing in tune; she sings with her heart!!! What a joy!

Umma said...

Lucky you to have a very gifted child as Chloe. Aside from being cute and pretty.. she is also a smart kid... Brain and beauty runs in the family indeed..

Also, she draws very well Cooks.. she's only 5 yrs old and she can do that very well already..

Btw, Congrats to your new blog for Chloe.. keep posting nice pictures Mommy Cookie.

I cant wait my baby to grow up soon too :)