Sunday, February 1, 2009

Animals and Instruments


According to Chloe, this is Donald Duck's cow. The name is Clementine...
Geez, I don't know that, huh..She dictated to me the name while I am
typing the description on this cow.

Fur, Feather, Shell. That's what Chloe wanted me to type right now. Fur is for the sheep, Feather is for the Peacock and Shell is for the Turtle...and then there's a flower of course :)

Musical Instruments: Violin, Drum, Trumpet, Flute, Caracas, Piano, Guitar, Harp, Xylophone. My daughter really loves music that she could distinguish the instruments. I hope to enroll her to a violin or piano lesson this summer.


amiable amy said...

wonderful....super galing....i don't know how to draw those musical instruments....very genius

Umma said...

Wow super galing talaga ni CHloe Cooks.. even her hand writing is so neat and straight..

chubskulit said...

alam mo mommy cooks very talented si chloe!

Samantha Ysabelle said...

you are so good at drawing ate chloe. you're so talented and you are my idol. i just know that whatever musical instrument you decide to play, you will play it beautifully! keep it up!

btw, don't forget your award ha? it's called the LIfe is Grand award. hugs!