Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Look Like Mom, I Look Like Dad

I thought of sharing these pictures of ours when we were all babies. I am fully aware about the people's comments that Chloe looks more like her dad. However, my mom would insist that Chloe resembled like me when I was still a baby, hehe. I do look very different now compared to my babyhood days. I cannot even find any traces of me except maybe for my eyes (?- duh) :p

Now, for fun of it, I would like to hear from you just by looking at these pictures (especially our dilapidated pics, hehe). Don't worry about what you're going to say in here coz I'm used to hearing it that she looks like her dad. But I am so used to hearing from Chloe, too, that she looks very much like me, hahaha :D

Chloe at 6 months old

Chloe's mommy (that's me) at 9 months Old

Chloe's daddy can barely walk yet in this picture :D


kittykat said...

cute ng mga baby picture mo..hmmm..kanino ka bha talaga nagmana??sino bha talaga kamukha mo si mommy o si daddy..pwede both??LOL

reanaclaire said...

wow..u still hv yr baby pic? i dont hv unfortunately.. pictures were scarce those days due to poverty.. anyway, do treasure the moments of yr child as she is growing up.. cheers..

Umma said...

Wow.. you still keep your baby pictures Cooks..actually, Chloe looks like you when you compare the baby picture or maybe pareho lang ug pose hahaha..

Cute intawon ning bataa si Chloe.. especially the dimple..

niko said...

wow kamuka mo chloe nung baby ka pa dear!!! ang galing!!! ganda!

Cecile said...

wow, cute naman ng mga baby pics nyo, Cook's :-); it is good you keep them.

Maria said...

Maayo ka pa cooks naay picture tong baby. Akoa murag murag 5 years old nako ato sa picture nako. And left them in the Philippines. If i come back i will bring them with me.

Kristie said...

chloe looks so cute in the picture ya! :)

i think she has ur eyes!

Mummy Gwen said...

I think Chloe looks more like mommy based on the baby photos..hehe. Same posing like mommy except for the angle..haha. come there's a scribbling of "A STAR IS BORN" on your baby photo?:P

amiable amy said...

Honestly? sa pictures , she looks more like her dad, hahaha...sowi...the same shape man gud, anyway, the skills and talent in singing, she had it from you...soprano category like you. She looks like you but, she is more with Glenn :-)

dhemz said...

wow mommy cooks galing mo naman...hehheh...cute nyo dito...hheheh....I think Chlo looks like her not really sure...hheheh!

sai said...

i think chloe looks like you ;)

chubskulit said...

you're so lucky to have those candid photos of your childhood.. wala akong any remembrance not until I was in high school.. All our photos were washed away (pati bahay namin) by a tidal wave during typhoon Sisang.

I will say 50-50 ang looks ni Chloe..

Cookie said...

Thanks for your comments. I had fun reading them :) A lot of people here would tell me that Chloe looks like her daddy. But those who knew me when I was a baby would say that Chloe looks like me, hehe.

But yeah, Chloe and I had the same pose in this picture - I think that's what make us look alike, haha. But I have to admit that Chloe got so many features from her Dad, even her dimples (coz I have none) except for the lips.

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