Friday, February 13, 2009

Spidey Party and latest Sketches

Chloe attended her cousin's Spiderman-themed birthday party last weekend.
Here are some of the pictures taken:

With cousin, spidey Boj

Anyway, here are Chloe's latest drawing for this week:

She drew San Agustin Cathedral Church.
She can see this everyday on her way to school.

The turtle with a 'bukol' (hump on the head)


amiable amy said... funny sketches...oyy, good drawing of the church...mingawon man sad ta ani

kittykat said...

nice drawings Little Chloe..Bakit di ka naka smile sa mga pictures??Don't you like spidey??

Mummy Gwen said...

Chloe's next birthday should be Hello Kitty's theme..hehe. Nice drawings from the little artist. ;)

Maria said...

I love the spider Man. Whose that guy? lol1 just asking? My husband love spider man stuff.

dhemz said...

uy very artistic jud ka kaayo your masterpieces...basin mo sunod ka sa yapak ni Picasso ha...mommy cooks get ready....hehhehe!

Cookie said...

tnx for your nice comments ;) chloe loves parties but she would be very delighted to see barney, dora, mickey, pooh or tigger. she's not a fan of spidey especially batman, hehe...

the guy inside the spiderman suit is from the party organizer. I saw him and he looked way too far from tobey mcguire as he had curly hair, hehehe :D